- "Mr. Fatica is charismatic and upbeat" - The New York Times

- "His passion is refreshing." - Washington Post

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Invitation Community Events


The goal of a Hard as Nails community event is to have the youth of the community awaken the adults, and to encourage families, parishes, and the whole community to come together. At our events, families realize how much they need one another. Parents step up as leaders of their families, and students learn to forgive and to love one another. With this event, your whole community will be energized to encourage, love and serve one another like never before!


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Community Event Talks

  1. The 4 S's: Share Your Story, Seek Help , Sympathize with Other's Weaknesses, Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
  2. The Amazing Nation Needs You
  3. The 6 E's: Empowering You to Change Lives
  4. Win it All: 8 Steps to Making a Difference in the Lives of Others
  5. Love No Matter What
  6. It Takes Courage to Encourage
  7. You're Amazing
  8. The Journey to Joy


*Other talk themes can be determined by the leaders and the speaker.




Hey Justin, I just wanted to thank you for speaking at the Divine Word function this past Sunday night, you really touched me and made me take a look at my life from a different angle.

- Young Adult





“Justin Fatica should be in every Catholic Parish”


Pastor, Fr. Ted Schmitt St. John the Evangelist, Streamwood, IL