- "Mr. Fatica is charismatic and upbeat" - The New York Times

- "His passion is refreshing." - Washington Post

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Book Justin Fatica for a graduation speech, mens conference, youth conference, business leadership seminar, sports leadership training and more! Below is an explanation of some examples of talks that he has done in the past. *All talk themes can be determined by the leaders and the speaker in order to tailor it to your groups needs


  1. Love it and Live It: How to do what you Love for a Living
    When he was 17 years old, Justin Fatica knew what he wanted to do with his life. And, he is doing it. But many of us get off course and never realize those dreams. The same holds true with organizations. Business leaders set goals for the future, but sometimes the day-to-day management of people and projects actually make it impossible to achieve those goals. In this session you’ll learn why it is important to live and work for the “why” instead of the “means.” You’ll be challenged to understand why your organization provides a product or service instead of focusing just on the bottom line.
  2. The Stand
    In this information –packed session you’ll learn how to step-up and hold others to higher standards and make them accountable for their own actions—especially if they are struggling to see their own predicament. By letting others know the GREATNESS that people see in them, they’ll develop a new understanding of their own behaviors, and a new appreciation of their own potential. Whether it is an employer standing for their employees, or a parent standing for their children, it is critical to have the courage and the love to openly communicate effectively. Based on the seminar series founded by Justin Fatica, this session focuses on 7 key principles:
    1. Be Curious, Don’t Judge
    2. It’s About How They Feel, not What They Think
    3. Why? The Most Important Element of Success
    4. The Operating Point
    5. 5. Face the Brutal Facts—Looking Yourself in the Mirror, Payoff and the cost of not Taking a Stand
    6. Time to Take a Stand
    7. Taking the Challenge Today
  3. You’re Amazing, You’re Important, You’re Unique
    This enlightening session helps you realize the special talents you bring to your organization, school, or family. It is based on four simple truths:
    1. Share Your Heart
    2. Seek Help
    3. Sympathize With Others Weakness
    4. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
      By understanding the important role you play in your business or family you’ll be able to take responsibility for your own actions, empower others, hold them and yourself accountable, and exceed goals.
  4. Win it All
    Based on his best selling book Win it All, Justin Fatica shares 8 stages to help you and your leaders be the best you can be every day. You’ll be able to take your personal and professional goals to a higher level. The 8 Stages are:
    1. Know Your Importance
    2. Discover Your Mission
    3. Turn Your Mess into a message
    4. Find Your Passion
    5. Be an Underdog and Remain Fearless
    6. Commit to Loving
    7. Never Give Up
    8. Live Everyday as if it were Your Last