- "Mr. Fatica is charismatic and upbeat" - The New York Times

- "His passion is refreshing." - Washington Post

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Virtue First Foundation and Justin Fatica


Justin Fatica is the main speaker for the Virtue First Foundation.
Virtue First MISSION: “Promoting virtue to rebuild the character of America’s Youth.”


Speaking to high school students for the past 15 years,  Justin Fatica instills virtue, hope, authenticity and reinstates the students’ sense of worth and importance in each of his assemblies.  Students from across the country have been positively impacted from these events. Here are some of the results:


Does building a virtuous family-like culture work?


Schools have documented numerous positive outcomes for students in schools that promote and foster a Virtuous Family-Like Culture. Outcomes such as: more pro-social behavior (e.g. are helpful and cooperative), are more skilled at solving interpersonal conflicts, are more concerned about other, reductions in the use of alcohol and marijuana, feelings of being more connected to the school, more involved in extra-curricular programs, and that students generally feel better about themselves. After hearing Justin speak, they know, without a doubt, that they are AMAZING!

Growing Virtue in America’s Youth by:




Virtue First High Schools/Middle School Topics


  1. Theme: Know your importance - “You’re Amazing"
    Message: Virtues Focus: Self-Respect/Encouragement Who are you?
    Entertainment: You’re Amazing Workout/Bumper Balls/Joust
    Commitment: I’m Amazing/I’m Sorry/I’m thankful
    1. - 3 virtue programs for the school to focus on
    2. - Acts of Kindness Box
    3. - You’re Amazing Poster Cards in School
  2. Virtue/Integrity/Commitment - “Win”
    Message: Virtues Focus: Discipline/Enthusiasm What we were created to do?
    Entertainment: Baseball/Bumper Balls/Joust
    Commitment: I Will Win Plate/Write a Letter
    1. - Go to a game of a team in the school who gets dissed and get enthusiastic
    2. - Win for a Mentor Program
  3. Theme: Change/Start Over “Love no Matter What”
    Message: Virtue Focus: Love/Hope/Generosity - What is the Purpose of Life?
    Entertainment: Piñata/Bumper Balls/Joust
    Commitment: Set your Dreams/Set Your Goals/ How to get there
    1. - Share your Story on a video send it in
    2. - $50.00 project
  4. Theme: Pain and Suffering Leads to Joy “The Journey to Joy”
    Virtue Focus: Joy/Suffering for a cause
    Message: Virtue Focus: How do you live Virtue Everyday?
    Entertainment: Cake in the Face/Bumper Balls/Joust
    Commitment: Pick 1 Virtue that you are weak at and master it
      1. - Create a Virtue Conference in your area



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