- "Mr. Fatica is charismatic and upbeat" - The New York Times

- "His passion is refreshing." - Washington Post

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Sports Leadership


Justin’s Sports Leadership:  Justin had a huge impact on the Syracuse Men’s Basketball Team in 2009-2010, As well as USC football star, Marquis Lee (watch this video) who is now Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver, soon to be a top 10 draft pick. He was inspired to change his life after being encouraged to share his story at an event along with many other stars such as Kyrie Irving, Anthony Bar and more. The Cincinnati Bearcats football team has had him in each year to impact their players.


“How to Coach Virtue”


Why Coach Virtue First?  Sports were created to provide arena’s where athletes could gain life experiences without the threat of real harm or death, a safe place to practice life. The life lessons learned in sports could therefore help athletes develop and improve their relationships with fellow teammates, coaches, family members, and competitors. When you look at the heart of all sporting activities, they serve to teach life lessons, build character, and show athletes how to live virtuous lives.


Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why am I coaching?
  2. Where did I learn how to be a coach?
  3. Whose coaching style do I emulate?


Due to the “charismatic” nature of sports, coaches have the undivided attention of their players. Having the undivided attention of your athletes, places a great social and moral responsibility on coaches to use their position for some greater good. Coaches have a moral responsibility to coach something greater than “how to field a grounder”, “shoot a basket”, “or make a tackle”. Coaches need to use their position, first and foremost to teach life lessons and to strengthen the moral character of their players. Everything else is secondary.


~ Justin Fatica



Now it is time for the pros to be inspired. It is time to give the NBA, NFL, all professional athletes and college athletes a chance to be impacted through virtue, motivation, and life choices.


Who is Justin Fatica? Justin Fatica has been working with Athletes for over 15 years in high schools, universities and beyond. He has spoken to over 1 million people directly and impacted millions when he was featured on a 78-minute feature length film on HBO called “Hard as Nails”.


Why is he doing this? Justin Fatica is a spokesperson for the 501(c)3 non-profit called Virtue First to assist public and private schools. Having time with professional athletes will give him the stories of hope and encouragement to take back with him to these schools to make a difference. He desires to partner with professional teams who see the need for being role models and making a difference every day in the lives of kids.


Session 1: Build Trust and Share your Story
Teams will share their stories with each other. When teammates understand their teammates history it will help them to encourage each other and support each other throughout the trials they face. When you communicate with a community you kill discouragement. Life is about risks, there is no greater risk worth taking then authentic leaders growing together.


Session 2: Team Building through making Commitments

Teammates will make commitments to help each other. If a team can learn to help each other as leaders just think the new heights they can help each on the court. It is one thing for an individual to make a commitment it is another thing to have his whole team behind him. Commitment to bettering one’s self is a great goal for all leaders.